Monday, January 11, 2010

Daily Prayer-Financial

Father, thank You for being my source.Everything that's good come from You. Before I even ask, You know my financial needs.You said that the things I desire (in accordance to Your will) will be given to me if I ask You. Because I trust You, I ask specifically for $____ to meet my present financial need.

I know that You use jobs, parents, friends or associate to bless me financially. I will cherish and respect those who bless me, but I will still recognize You to provide for my every financial need. Your Word says that You take pleasure in the prosperity of Your servant.

Because You have given me the ability to obtain wealth, I will look for good ideas and opportunities to earn the money I need. I will keep a good attitude and work hard. Thank You for giving me favor with others.

Your Word promises that since I have given my tithes and offerings to You cheerfully, without complaining, I will always have enough. I will stay faithful and thankful to You and to the people You use to meet my needs. Because I am Your child, I believe You will bless those who bless me.

Please help me to learn to handle my money wisely. Thank You for meeting my financial needs so that I can prosper and enjoy life to the fullest.

In Jesus's name I pray. Amen

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Abby said...

hi denise, i can relate to your prayer. exercising our faith everyday will make us closer to God. Keep it up!

God bless,